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Call for Posters

Poster Submission by mail

Poster Session participation requires only a short-abstract submission.

The IEEE RFID-TA 2023 Poster session provides researchers with opportunities to present their cutting-edge, on-going work in an interactive manner in front of an expert audience of academic and industry scientists and engineers from around the world.

Posters can cover preliminary or exploratory work within RFID research, report smaller projects or results not mature enough for a full paper, or present any other research that would generate discussion and benefit from this open forum. Posters are encouraged in themes relevant to RFID research including, but not limited to, the conference topic areas. Thought purposely to encourage networking and give as many researchers as possible the opportunity to share the state of the art of their activities,.

The abstract will not be subject to a peer review process but, however, to a rigorous quality/relevance check by the Technical Program Committee chairs. Most importantly, any copyright to the abstract will be retained by authors (or their employer) and the abstract will not be published on IEEE Xplore. This allows authors to submit their work and take advantage from the Poster Session opportunity without hindering the future publication on regular conference sessions or journals.

 One-page abstract should be submitted to poster.rfid-ta@ims-bordeaux.fr

The deadline is 2023 August 15th.

 The review process is very light, and an answer will be given within about a week after submissions.